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Tatami Room with Korean Wedding Picture

Banquet Events
Be it a birthday celebration, anniversary party, work function, wedding reception or celebration of any kind, Sake Tumi is Milwaukee’s premier destination for your special event.  Sake Tumi offers three options designed to perfectly accommodate your event based on the number of guests and your desired level of intimacy.  For larger parties, we suggest our Buddha Lounge, for medium sized, sit-down events, our Mezzanine and for smaller more intimate get-togethers, our Tatami Room. For booking information call 414-224-7253 or fax 414-431-2080, and ask for our event coordinator Stephanie Bennett..

The Tatami Room

For smaller gatherings, our Tatami Room seats 12 guests.  It features a traditional Korean family style table as well as a gorgeous authentic Korean wall mural.  Its sliding door allows for seclusion and intimacy, ensuring a cozy sense of privacy.  The closeness afforded by the Tatami room make it the perfect setting for a small birthday dinner or an ideal space for a smaller business meeting, with its sliding door eliminating ambient noise thus enabling greater concentration and productivity.  So whether you want to celebrate a special occasion with just a few friends, or create an atmosphere conducive to a productive business meeting, the Tatami room will fill the bill.

The Mezzanine
Medium size, sit down events are ideal for our Mezzanine, which accommodates up to 36 people comfortably.  This semi-private area, which overlooks the restaurant offers a unique birds eye view of the hustle and bustle of dinner service for a truly “VIP” feel.  The space is perfect for rehearsal dinners with our innovative Asian fusion menu and peerless sushi providing a fantastic foil to the traditional fare served at most weddings.  No matter the sit-down dinner occasion, the Mezzanine is the place if you are considering food that is Asian.

Buddha Lounge
For large events we offer our uniquely stylish Buddha Lounge is equipped to entertain up to 150 people.  Located on the second floor with a view of Milwaukee Street, it offers a private bar and restrooms.  Its full 3500 watt D.J. booth make it the ideal place to dance the night away with 100 or so of your closest friends.  Our in-house audio visual equipment enable you to hold a business meeting in a relaxed yet posh environment, sure to impress colleagues and clients alike.  For a more relaxed gathering, its luxurious lounge area and contemporary art create an atmosphere of unabashed tranquility perfect for quiet conversation.  Regardless of the large scale event you would like to put on, the Buddha lounge is the perfect libation destination.

Tatami room wall with sake bottle and cups
Mezzanine with Jananes Painting
Buddha Lounge Bar